Saturday, June 19, 2010

smelling the basil

Thursday morning Kyle and Mary helped Grandpa put Miracle Grow on the garden. Grandpa and Grandma lay carpet with holes over the plants to keep the weeds down and the soil moist. The worms love it.

Sam and Ben left early to meet at the church. It was the first day of the youth Super Activity. They had breakfast together then got on a bus to drive to Manti for the pageant.
I took the other children to a playgroup with Bekah and cousin Mylee. We passed these flowers on our walk.
William ate his first corn dog for lunch.

In the evening we were back in the yard. The kids helped Grandma and Grandpa set up these frames for the peas.

Grandma walked with us to Arctic Circle. They have the best french good to be back to fry sauce.

Olivia met a friend in the indoor playground. I heard her ask her where she lives. The kids expect every child they meet to live on the compound. I'm grateful that Olivia makes friends so easily.
Mary was falling asleep walking on the way home. It was the first day she didn't nap. Everyone was asleep by 10p.m....a jet lag breakthrough.

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