Thursday, June 10, 2010

party detail

Meanwhile I was on Saturday birthday party detail. Mary was invited to her good friend Audrey's make-over party at Small World in Europlaza. She came home looking like a princess. Next she was off to Jason's party.

Saturday evening I walked with the little ones up to the clubhouse. We had dinner at the Resident appreciation party. There was quite a nice selection of international foods on the buffet and a huge stage set up for what Grant called "the talent show," a bouncy house that was too rowdy for little ones and collapsed while Ben was jumping in it, popcorn, neighbors, lots of loud music. The girls and I left in the middle of the festivities to walk up to the Ice Zone. Olivia's good friend Sora was skating in a show.

Sunday was our last day in the branch. Sam bore his testimony on my behalf, he said, since I was in the lobby with Grant. It was beautiful. Then Ben stood up and shared his testimony of eternal families, remembering the time, two years ago, that we attended Uncle Don and Aunt Myla's wedding in Manila and were able to visit the grave site of my Grandfather who died in the Philippines during WWII. That is also one of my favorite memories of this three years in Asia.

On Monday I was invited to Kyle's class to see his project about the brain.

After visiting with Kyle, I had lunch with Bethany and her friends, then played with Mary on the kindergarten playground.

Tuesday we were back to birthdays. Caitlin and her preschool friends attended Amelia's party.

Tuesday afternoon I went to ISB to watch Mary enjoy water fun day.

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