Sunday, June 13, 2010

green tongue

Wednesday I went in to ISB to pay my final debt to Eurest, the thorn in my side cafeteria caterers..."We're free and clear, free and clear..." Mary also felt I owed her a lunch visit, the which I was happy to oblige, although I must admit I was disappointed in the mystery meat and dry, tasteless muffin they tried to pass-off as dessert...for what we pay... The company was nice.

Mary wanted me to go out and play on the kindergarten playground after lunch. Another confession...I hesitated because I thought of some more debts to see to, but decided to take the time. I'm so glad I didn't miss out on this sweet moment and cute conversation between Mary and her friends. I sat down next to Victoria and asked her if I could take a picture of her ice cream...only in cream that bends. The girls said it's not ice cream it's green tongue. "That's disgusting," I said. "Why would you eat green tongue?" "Your kidding me...what's it really called?" One by one they all concurred with green tongue. Little Emma Bagwell even told me in si shetou. Finally the chinese TA agreed. Green tongue. Disturbing.

After lunch I was up to Bethany's class for the goodbye party.

All these girls were leaving Beijing this year so they got t-shirts and these blue ISB dragons to have signed and take home. I saw one of the siblings battling Bethany's dragon with a well-travelled stuffed celery that my sister, Anne, gave me as a teenager. Somethings you can't part with.
Thursday I went with some of the other moms from Mary's kindergarten class out for Korean barbecue. The barbecue isn't pictured but this elaborate candelabra reception was brought on when one of the moms claimed it was her birthday, hoping to get a free lunch. I was okay with the kim chi this time and enjoyed the stuffed mushroom too. The barbecued meat wrapped in fresh lettuce was wonderful!

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