Sunday, June 27, 2010

about the basement

Thursday night only momma had ice cream at bedtime on account of sour children. What was so wrong with the day? Maybe it had to do with too much cleaning up the basement. Every time we turned around it was messy again, so I thought to prolong a clean moment with a few pictures.

Above is the family room and the futon the girls are sharing. Usually someone decides to sleep on the floor and I only have to breathe out threatenings three or four times before they stop kicking and elbowing each other and fall asleep.

Here's the big boys' room. Ben usually likes to sleep in the family room by the television, so Sam and Kyle are quite comfortable here.

This is where I sleep with the little boys...not so clean right now. Can you see William's foot?

Who had the most business being sour? This was my before picture...

but it felt great to get it all put away. No laundry is definitely cause for a picture. We just use this kitchen for laundry and storage. Grandma has been gracious to let us use their kitchen upstairs, and we have fun eating together.

That broken cabinet makes me feel right at home. We had a chronic problem with that in

Beijing. The kids seem to like to swing on them. If we hadn't broken that would have only been a matter of days...
In the evening we were back outside with the hose...this time the slip and slide, which was surprisingly exciting on the hill.

I was a splash victim.

Caitlin was timid but enjoyed herself. Grant even came around to playing too. William watched and clapped his hands.

Before bedtime, it was discovered that someone had made a whole in the bedroom door in the basement. The culprit will remain unnamed, a disgruntled child sent to time out...the method...Grant's Jessie doll thrown against the door in anger. The whole was perfectly round like her head. Now that's a Toy Story twist. Poor Jessie. Grandma and Grandpa were gracious (again) about the hole.

So after a day of ups and downs I felt entitled to my own dish of ice cream...then wished I hadn't around three in morning....stomach to scrunched by the baby.

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