Friday, July 2, 2010

spiritual radical

Friday we went with Grandad to the BYU bookstore. We wanted him to pick out his birthday present. He chose a book about Benjamin Franklin. Grant chose a book called Spiritual Radical. We always camp out in the kids section for a while, then make a big scene at the Candy Jar...another frenzy, this time about cherry sours.

On the way to BYU we drove by this place. Sam was especially interested.

Then we drove back to what the kids call the best neighborhood in the world. When we arrived at the park Grant couldn't wait to get out of the van. He bypassed the kids' door and pushed passed me to go out the driver's side. "I love this playground!"  He said. He ran, with elbows flying, to the slides. I thought that maybe he remembered the park because it was the first park he ever went to as an infant, or maybe it was from when William was born.  "How cool," I thought.  Then I remembered we played there last summer too.  Still...there was that connection.

Grandad and Judith made a picnic lunch for us. We ate and talked and enjoyed the swings and wasted a lot of water keeping William occupied.

Saturday I felt tired most of the day, didn't sleep well the night usual.  We stayed at home until around five o'clock when I finally felt some energy...I think I am still experiencing jet lag.  I feel like a vampire.  We went to Walmart again, this time for camping supplies.  We bought a couple of tents and a bunch of sleeping bags for our trip to California...more about that soon.  We had pizza night.  I felt better.

Sunday was Stake conference.  Ben wasn't that excited about it, so I offered him the follow William around job.  I haven't sat for a whole session of Stake conference for years.  I like having teenagers.

In the evening, Judy's family came over to Grandma's house for dinner. The kids couldn't resist the sprinklers.  This time Sam started something with the swing.. over the gimmicky hose...a kind of water park ride.  Why am I not surprised?  Ben added the element of fastening the hose in the tree.  Grandma thought it was too much fun for a Sunday evening.  I thought it made a beautiful picture though.


Unknown said...

glad to see you made it home safe :) That was such a great visit- the only problem was that it was too, too, too short! I am eagerly waiting my pictorial debut on the famous Our Nine blog..... Good news is that I still have a slew of vacation day so maybe I can make it up to Provo, that would be fun! have a great weekend!

Megan Raines said...

Thank you Amy! We had such a great time at your house! Your debut is on its way...I'm so far behind but will be catching up soon. Thank you again! The kids and I had a wonderful time and it was so great to see you!