Thursday, July 15, 2010

bridal veil falls

Friday,  July 9. the kids and I called Grandma Martha to wish her a happy birthday. We spent the morning cleaning the basement, as it was greatly needed.  We made it in to the van just before noon.  We had plans to go to Provo canyon with Granddad.

I don't understand why my children are obsessed with Lunchables.  When Sam was in first grade, it was a self-determined field trip rule, must have a Lunchable.  I was always worried that he would be so focused on lunch he would miss the rest of the trip.  He got all the kids obsessed with them...I just can't understand why. After they're finished they're still hungry so they go scavenging around for siblings' leftovers.

It's one of the things they talk about and plan to do when we come back to America so this was another instance of I'd better take a picture.
We had some debate about what to do after lunch but decided to go for a walk at Bridal Veil falls.

Ben convinced Grant we might see a T-rex.

When the kids start asking me why we're on a nature walk, what are we doing here, what's the point... I think I need to take them out for walks and hikes more often. They were happy to find this place to play at the base of the falls.

I put my feet in the water to feel the temperature.  It's runoff water from the mountains and it is freezing.  Grant kept saying in a breathless voice "I'm okay Mom. I'm okay."

William didn't have a very good time.  He's not a  happy spectator.

Dinner at Chuck-a-Rama, Utah culture. It's all about choosing drinks for the girls.

Eating out with William is humbling.

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