Tuesday, July 20, 2010

tent city

Saturday July 10, not much to report for myself. Ben has the most cash so he's always willing to go shopping with me. The girls stayed home to help Grandma make bread. This is the best homemade bread. It's made with white whole wheat, which has the nutritional value of regular whole wheat but holds together better and tastes sweeter than whole wheat. She uses apples sauce instead of butter. This bread never dries out. Delicious!

I've started to feel like sleeping the day away on Saturdays, just thinking about Sunday alone.  In fact, it was a rough Sunday.  The kids seemed tired, especially Caitlin.  Followed Grant and William around during sacrament meeting, that certainly doesn't bother me anymore, just happy to be there.  But after church I really wished we'd walked.  Grant and William both melted down in the parking lot.  I couldn't move until Kyle figured out something was wrong and came in as reinforcement.  Ben and Sam had walked home themselves and Olivia was quite upset at me for not letting her walk home without them.  Caitlin was mad about her seat belt not being tight enough.  Mary wanted gum.  I think we could have walked back and forth three times in the time it took us to leave the church parking lot.  Ate every carbohydrate I could find in the kitchen when we got home, set the kids in front of Barbie and the Diamond Castle and took a nap with William and Grant.  I was grateful for that.

The day was all good when we went outside in the evening for dinner, thanks to frozen lasagna.  Our first course was Popsicles.

After dinner a spontaneous plan to build tent city developed, a contagious burst of camping in the yard excitement.

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