Tuesday, July 27, 2010

great sand dunes

 More about day two in San Luis valley....Eric made us blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Delicious.  Everyone was enthusiastic about visiting the sand dunes, especially the Star Wars buffs.

I thought William was never going to stop being  clingy.
It was such a relief to see him get down and dirty and have fun.  Visitors from foreign lands were taking pictures of his saggy, sandy diaper.
The big kids spent the entire time digging a canal system that connected the large puddles.
Sam was the foreman, and quite serious about it too.

Bethany wants to go back to the park next spring when wild flowers are blooming on the dunes. I agree. She was also hoping to see the lake that hosts beavers and other wildlife. The ranger said there was a bear roaming the park at the time. We decided not to hike the dunes, pregnancy, William, hungry kids considered. Next time for sure.

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