Saturday, July 3, 2010

thelma and louise plus ten?

...or the lonely pregnant wives club heads west. No driving with the top down or barroom fights involved... but I do plan to let the kids wear the same clothes the whole week.

Monday morning... began our trip to California. Off by eight o'clock, not too bad. First stop: Provo... this could take a while. My fault, I couldn't find the cookie aisle in my favorite Smith's.

Next stop: just down the road Ben reports we've got a stinky in the van. Good thing cousin Zoe's so cute.
But look how Nephi's grown. So much to see already.

By Beaver we had another stop requested. I took a picture of this diner because it reminded me of route 66 road trips with my family when I was a child. I would eat at places like this now, if I thought we could afford that many orders of chicken fried steak.  Imagine how we'd trash the place.

The corner of Arizona.

We arrived at our scheduled destination, Primm, Nevada, at about 4:30....slow by my college days standards, but we all felt triumphant upon arrival...still time to swim. Why Primm? It's on the border of California It's dirt cheap. Easy on easy off, that sort of thing. We stayed at Whiskey Pete's when we moved from Utah to Riverside, California nine years ago. The boys remembered it. Grant was excited that it looked like a castle. Sam wanted to stay at Buffalo Bill's across the freeway, but I wasn't sure it would be as inexpensive.

You have to go see Al Capone's car with the bullet holes.  I had the kids wait by the get away car with Courtney while I checked in...didn't want to overwhelm the reception desk.

A very kind man from India told me that I could stay there for ninety-nine dollars that night, or across the street for twenty dollars. The management  wanted to encourage people to stay at Buffalo Bill's this weekend.  Interesting.  Sam was thrilled.  See the roller coaster?

So what about this place?  Twenty dollars a night each for two adjoining rooms with two queen size beds, leaky of sink, runny of toilet, creepy characters, cockroach in the elevator...(I think.) I didn't want to look too closely....but the room was surprisingly pleasant, and the pool was large enough for the many occupants (lots of families), though cold due to that big shadowy building, I assume.
Sam was on the verge of an anxiety attack about getting to the roller coaster.  I hate taking the kids through the casino...creepy characters and all...but we had to wander through the slot machines, pulling Grant away from them, of course, to find the family section, which is actually quite large.  What a relief to find this enclosed kids' arcade where I could play with the little ones while Sam took his only willing companion, Bethany, on the roller coaster.  We were happy to see that rides were free the month of June, otherwise eight dollars each...highway robbery...

There were more takers for the log ride. Olivia said it was boring because the drop was dumb.

By the time I satisfied Sam's need for speed it was almost ten o'clock Utah time, safe to have dinner. I was grateful to see a McDonald's there in the family area. There was a long line, the kids were wired, and we were more of a spectacle than Siegfried and Roy. I was grateful for my China training.
This was a beautiful sight.

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