Friday, July 30, 2010

rainbow and railroad

Sunday afternoon we planned to return to the park in Alamosa, but the afternoon rain was blowing in again. We drove to see the nursing home where Annie works. I love the big sky in the Colorado plains.

The children slept as we drove, and the storm passed by the time we made it back to the park. We had our picnic, and the kids enjoyed the swings and slides for an hour or so. We also took a walk by the model train.

Grant and William loved watching for trains out the window on our drive to Colorado. It seems like there are a lot of opportunities to appreciate railroad history.
This passenger train passes right by Annie and Eric's  house.

Back at the house we prepared the van for our drive home to Utah. The kids did more bug hunting. Kyle collected beetles and named his favorite Paul.
Eric made us chicken enchiladas, spicy and delicious.

We watched the sunset and settled down to sleep inside so we could be ready to leave early.

Pictures from our drive home Monday.
This is the house in Grand Junction where my great-grandparents on my dad's side lived after they retired from their corn farm.

The rainbow over Price brought the most excitement on the drive.

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