Sunday, July 11, 2010

mirror lake

Tuesday, July 6, Grandma and Grandpa drove us past Park City, up to the Uinta Mountains.  There is a place about thirty miles from Kamas and forty miles from Evanston, Wyoming called Mirror Lake.  Aunt Judy, Uncle Jeremy and the cousins came with us.

We stopped to enjoy this waterfall.
 Grant broke into his happy run as soon as his feet hit the trail. "I love coming this place!" He said.
There's Aunt Judy.
The big kids climbed down the rocks to play in the stream below the waterfall.  Sam was the first to get soaked. Here he is after..not looking as wet as I hoped he would for the picture, but still smiling because his itouch was still working after the impromptu bath.
Utah is so green this year! The younger kids enjoyed watching a very social chipmunk.  (Not pictured.)

Then we drove further up the mountains to the lake where we had the picnic lunch that Grandma packed for us.

We ate lunch by a stream.

Grandpa showed the boys how to catch fish with their hands.

Then we all took a walk toward the lake.
Just enough snow left for a snowball fight.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful pictues! Can't believe that Ben caught that fish with his hands!!