Wednesday, July 14, 2010

it's american culture

Tuesday evening we went to Judy's house for spaghetti and a cousin sleepover.  I backed into just the right neighbor's mailbox while trying to park our monster sized van in Judy's especially small culdesac.  A very tattooed and very nice friend of the neighbor promised me it had been knocked over before and fixed it good as new. Two thoughts about that: 1) If you plan to back into a mail box, back in to one already propped up with rocks and 2) blessed are the tattoed and merciful.

Wednesday morning the basement felt empty with just the three boys that came home with me, Sam and the little ones.  We went back to Judy's to collect the others, had lunch with Judy, then made our first trip to the local library.  The ten of us gathered about a thousand books.  Turned out the librarian forgot to tell me that first timers only get five.  I took the brunt of punishment for that oversight.  I was blamed, defamed, dishonored, anything else you can think of  when I came to van with only five books.

Wednesday's picture:  I'm grateful that Grandpa enjoys William's company, and is willing to share his salad.

Thursday morning.... decided to make the kids happy. I mentioned Toy Story 3 to Sam. He had the showing times and prices, directions to the theatre, and everyone waiting by the car in about fifteen minutes. "Toy Story is a part of American culture, you know," the kids reminded me...anything to justify the expense. Bethany tried to convince me that we should see Eclispe right away for the same reason. Two thoughts about that 1)  not sure I want a movie about co-dependent vampires to be part of our culture 2)am sure I want to delay my girls' obsession with a movie about co-dependent vampires for as many weeks as possible.  "We'll see it at the dollar theatre." I responded.

It costs so much for our family to see a full priced show, I had to take pictures.

I love theses kids' sized 3D glasses.

After the movie I took the kids back to the library so I could redeem myself from the day before. Dark, heavy clouds started to move in as we went inside. A rain shower made our book hunting perfectly atmospheric. Reminded me of Kyle's babyhood. Grandma Martha and I used to take Kyle to the baby story hour regularly at the Lithgow Library in Augusta, Maine. The big boys would terrorize the blocks and toys while the sweetest librarian in the world read to the babies. We went in rain, and snow. Maine has such a variety of weather patterns. But to be in the library in the rain is perfect.

Got home.  Was grateful for an unexpected call from Rob.  Had dinner.  Was grateful that in America there are frozen corn dogs.  Kids debated which of the ten DVDs to watch.  Was grateful for a good day.

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