Sunday, August 1, 2010

grandma's helper

Grandpa and Grandma's garden has been a blessing this summer.  Olivia was happy to spend our first day back  from Colorado helping Grandma with her projects.

I spent the morning and afternoon in post-road trip recovery, cleaning out the van, vacuuming, washing car seats. Aunt Judy and Aunt Bekah brought their kids over for lunch and water play in the backyard.

The girls started some embroidery with Grandma.

Wednesday I dropped Sam, Ben, and Kyle off at the movies for the first time, a rite of passage. They looked so happy not to be encumbered by strollers and siblings. Sam had been anticipating the opening of Inception for weeks. The rest of the kids and I had lunch with Aunt Judy and the cousins at the Carl's Jr with the indoor playground. Stayed there for over two hours. Makes me feel like lunch was worth the expense that way.

Thursday I intended to drive our first load of stuff down to Provo but was slow to get started and realized I'd need the whole day for packing.

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