Tuesday, August 24, 2010

garden party

So after our first busy week and weekend in our new home, the refrigerator was bare. Sam was convinced that it was because we were destitute. I reminded him that we had been a bit busy over the weekend. We intended to leave the house Monday morning and go shopping before breakfast. Our outing turned in to brunch at the park. I bought some pastries, juice, and fruit at Smith's. We were too late for the sausage biscuits at McDonald's, so I got little hamburgers instead. Grant was mad because he couldn't tell what meal we were having.

Next we made our first trip back to the kids' favorite library.  They love the movie section, with their amazing collection of oldies on VHS, you know from the eighties...

Later in the week, when we were more prepared at breakfast time, Sam got back to cooking. I'm going to miss this when school starts soon.
Here's a close-up.

I mentioned to Granddad that I was excited about doing something with the backyard. There are some rose bushes back there, but not much else.

 There's an overgrown volunteer from the tree above.

The ground that you see is some dry sod. 

Thursday morning Granddad arrived with some plants and soil for our garden.
The kids came out to help clean up the dry leaves.  I think they found a bug here.
Here's another, a praying mantis that they enjoyed.
Granddad worked for several hours in our garden, alongside his helpers.  The next day we went to Lindon nursery to buy some more plants.  I'll get a better "after" picture when we're done.
We went to the pool for the first time Thursday afternoon.  Here's the kiddie pool.
I love looking at the mountains while we're swimming.

I was trying to get a picture of William's first happy swim. He was bouncing around with his floaties on, smiling. I was afraid he would never enjoy the water. That's when I dropped my camera in the pool. This was the last mysterious picture of its lifetime.

As I said before, Friday we did errands, to the camera shop to retrieve my fifteen hundred pictures from my dead camera,to Carl's Jr for lunch (I'll admit it was breakfast too), to Lindon Nursery where we bought more plants for the garden and found a new pet..a fat tomato bug named Willow, then to the library for the big boys, while the rest of us went to Smith's to choose a desert to take to Granddad and Judith's house. They invited us for a barbecue. The kids always love playing in their garden. Sadly, no pictures.

Saturday we went to Target. I bought a new camera, started birthday shopping for Olivia,evacuated the store in shame as Grant and William screamed at decibels previously unknown to human ears, ran Bethany back for an activity day event about Ghana that she attended with Granddad, slept on the sofa.

Sunday the little kids terrorized the foyer during sacrament meeting. Olivia and Bethany spoke in primary. Both did a wonderful job.