Friday, August 20, 2010

water, cousins, tacos

Here are a few more pictures for Ben's portfolio of creations. The homemade Nerf Gun with popsicle sticks and rubber band.
Tape and wire figure men, even the swords are his own creation.

Saturday August 11, we were on our way north again. Aunt Judy arranged for all of us to attend the Water, Fire, and Ice Festival at the Kearns Rec center.  Maybe you can see the signs it the background, it was one of the venues from the 2002 Olympics. It appeared to be speed skating.  Not surprisingly, we didn't do any of that.
Here are the boys contemplating the diving board though. Yes,they reported, it was painful.

Grant wasn't feeling well, but he was pretty content to spectate, all wrapped up in a Spider man towel.

William was a happier spectator too, but Sam gave it an earnest effort.

It was surprisingly cold and windy.  See Zoe's teeth chattering.

This bucket that drops water when the chimes ring was Sam's favorite thing. He tried to convince WIlliam to enjoy it too.

There is Mr Intensity and his younger siblings waiting to be at ground zero when the water falls.

An afternoon rain made for a quick and exciting exit. We met the Aunts and Uncles and cousins at the traditional Del Taco with the little indoor playground. I think they must shudder when we enter the building. I was grateful to Judy for organizing such a fun day for all of us.

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