Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pioneer day

Saturday, July 24,  we went to the American West Heritage Center in Logan.  Every year it's free on Pioneer Day.  I'm always grateful for something to do to celebrate.  When we've not been not in Utah, in years past, for Pioneer Day I've just had to make the kids take a long walk. That was particularly uncomfortable in the Guangzhou humidity.  I think that same year I made chicken casserole and some kind of fancy jello, which was a challenge at the time, because we'd just arrived and I hadn't  yet figured out Western cooking in China.  So this kind of bona fide Pioneer stuff makes life easy almost too easy!  This was our second year to attend with Courtney.

Everyone was looking forward to throwing the tomahwak. Ben and Olivia loved the
archery too.

This year panning for gold was the favorite thing.

Rock candy was also a must repeat from last year.

All was well until Grant finished his and decided he needed to go back in the store to help himself to more.

And just when morale was a bit low, the kids  joined in the open sprinkler fun.

Ben took this picture for me on our way home through Logan canyon.

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