Thursday, August 12, 2010

paint, pizza, pool

Wednesday evening, Ben needed spray paint, and since the desire to navigate my way around a monster-sized store like Wal-mart is waning, I chose to take him somewhere more intimate, specialized,  a fantasy come true kind of place for a boy like Ben, Home Depot.  The big girls stayed at Grandma's. Only Sam, Caitlin and the two little boys came along.  It's easy, with so many, to have a change in dynamic make an outing like that seem special.  The boys were immediately taken in by the smell of saw dust, the displays of samples of so many colors of house paint, the pipes, the tools.  Ben was most fascinated by the aisle devoted to an amazing assortment of  tape, silver, brown, and clear. So, this is what it means to grow up in America.

So on the way home we picked up some pizza to share with Uncle Don and Myla.  Someone took this picture. I think it was Kyle. Makes me hungry.

Mary felt she needed to pose with the coupons.  I thought it was a cute picture, so I included it.

And Ben couldn't wait to get to spraying. He found the instructions for making this helmet on YouTube, I think. Very handsome Ben.

Speaking of projects, Olivia had been working diligently on this embroidered pillow. Grandma had been helping her. It turned out beautifully, don't you think?

Thursday morning it was time to load up the van again. This time we were on our way to Vernal for the Raines reunion.
We drove down with Don and Myla. Bethany took a hundred more pictures of Julianna, and even some of the scenery.

Here's how you know you've arrived.

We stayed at the Studio 6.  Vernal is a fairly expensive stopping point. Rob said it's because the oil companies drive up the prices when they house their temporary workers there. 

After we got settled in, we went to Golden Corral with Joe and Courtney and Don and Myla. Great-Grandma Raines loved that kind of thing. I'd promised to take the kids swimming after dinner. The pool was just a tiny thing and indoors, but filled, probably past capacity, with Raines cousins, second and first, which made for a memorable swim. I hoped Great-Grandma Raines was looking on.

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