Wednesday, September 1, 2010

bus love

I never see a school bus pass by the park, my door, pass under the leaves green, or brown, or red, or bare branches covered in white snow, that I don't stop and appreciate its yellow-orange... and think about my childhood,and how quickly childhood passes by.  Then I look for my children, and I think how grateful I am for them and how happy I am that they are walking home together, talking about their day. I remember taking the bus with my sister, walking up our long street together. We passed red bud, dogwood, and sycamore trees.
They realize I'm watching them....

Tuesday, August 24, the big kids went back to school. Grant thought he was going to go too.
Diaper, backpack, anything more is just details.

Ben's first day of seventh grade.

Thanks to Grandma Martha, Olivia had a week's worth of new clothing.

Friday evening I took the kids to the school carnival. The middle schoolers were pretty surly about the whole thing. I sent them off to buy snow cones.

This was Grant's favorite thing.

 William enjoyed waving at the "car car" but wouldn't get near it.  I think he was still traumatized from Lagoon.

This was the most lively turtle I have ever seen.  Sam and I both agreed he seemed like he was animatronic.

We tried to get behavior management mileage out of this boa constrictor...but Grant is getting too smart for that type of " the snake is going to get you" child psychology.  Too bad. 

We were standing under the snake's canopy when it started to rain pretty heavily. Soon the forecasted micro bursts of wind started to blow in along with some lightening and everyone made a dash for the building. I was sorry that we had to evacuate the carnival early, but it did add a kind of 2012, disaster movie fun to an otherwise low-key event.

Saturday we had a fun time at the Dollar movie.  Sunday Ben spoke in sacrament meeting, did a wonderful job. Kyle also spoke in Primary.  Some new friends from the ward invited us to dinner.  That doesn't happen very often...brave souls...

Monday was Caitlin's first day of preschool.  Poor Grant walked in and made himself comfortable too.  He was quite offended when I had to drag him away from morning circle.

Caitlin had a great time.

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