Wednesday, September 22, 2010

september canyon

Saturday, September 18, was determined to vacuum, clean bathrooms, and bedrooms but didn't do much about it. Fed Sophie, changed Sophie, held Sophie, asked her siblings to hold Sophie, so much attention for such a little bean.

I usually think of myself as a morning person, but since we've moved from China, I've found myself feeling most productive in the early evening.  Even after so many months I still feel fourteen hours behind. I got the get-up-and-go to get out of the house around four o'clock, so what I had announced would be our picnic lunch, turned into a picnic dinner. Sometimes lethargy can work to my financial advantage. Got two meals for the price of one.

We bought a big bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken (Sam's been waiting all summer) and a gallon of A&W Root beer (that's Ben's favorite part) and headed up the canyon. From the valley you can see the leaves changing in the mountains now. I wanted to see them up close.

Ben took pictures for me while we drove.
This is one of my favorite places.
Sophie didn't get any chicken.

The first coolness in the air, the sound of river, the smell of bricketts and just crunchy leaves and high altitude and chicken greasy fingers-- all in one sensory experience.


Unknown said...

I love the new blog title and love, love, love the new picture of Sophie and you?- what an amazing photo! DId Ben take it? How you are all doing well :)

Unknown said...

I ment- hope you are all doing well. . . . .