Thursday, September 2, 2010

salmon fry

Wednesday, September 1 was the evening we had been anticipating for weeks, the annual ward/neighborhood salmon fry.There it is...

We were here for the salmon fry before Grant was born.  That year the kids had a great time sliding down the big hill on a huge slippin' slide.  This year the city wouldn't allow it.  Ben was in heaven with the replacement activity, this bouncy gladiator game.  Apparently he was the one to beat...
There's Ben and Kyle...

The girls loved this slide.  There's Olivia...

Grant only cares about eating cereal, so he wasn't too willing to let me get to the salmon.

See that huge piece of cake? Reminded me of Miss Trunchbowl.  This is what Ben got for dinner.

Its food samplers' paradise..

Then there's William...He ate a little bit of everything, from everyone.

Like I said before, it's humbling.... I threw all that away...but now it looks like it would do just fine with a glass of milk.

After dinner there was the fish toss competition. Ben and Sam won their round and Kyle and his friend won as well. Who knew we had that talent? Must be the Samoan genes.

Can you see the fish in the air?

There's Bethany and her new friend.

Mary in the blue...turns out the girls won all their battles too.  I should get one of those for the backyard.  Grant ran off with one of the helmets on his head and was really offended when Kyle tried to take it back.

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