Thursday, September 30, 2010

of dependents and dependency

Three signs that I'm a Disney channel dependent parent:
 1. I have a Jonas Brother of  preference.
 2. I've got Camp Rock , that is Camp Rock Two the Final Jam dance moves.
 3. I have a favorite line from High School Musical....

Some of you already know I'm prone to line-from-movie smattering.  As I said before, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is good for admonishing, while Napoleon Dynamite thrown in at any random juncture keeps my sanity in question--it's important to keep the kids wondering.

So I really feel that it's Ms. Jarvis, not Troy that steals the show in HSM.  I love a movie line that fits naturally into any situation, particularly Ms. Jarvis's  "That's so disturbing. Go see a counselor."

You know it had to said here.

Sam enjoyed terrifying William and Grant when we went out for a preliminary round of Halloween preparation Saturday evening.

So speaking of counseling, I have a beautiful, funny and  wonderful friend who told me that going to see counselors was one of her favorite hobbies, so I decided it would be safe to try, you know for my dependency and other issues.  I now also recommend it.  I should have paid someone to figure me out years ago.

I was feeling both disturbed and disturbing Friday afternoon when I took all four of the at-home kids to Sophie's appointment with the cardiologist.  All three of the big kids were wailing at once, even prompted a friendly couple to try to come to my aid and compliment me on my "childrens' chorus".  But may I say that I love the new Primary Children's Hospital outreach center in Riverton.  They weren't even phased by our noise and clamor.  The nurse was ready with bubbles, movies, a toy to take home for each of them.  Sophie got her pacifier dipped in raspberry syrup to appease her during her first ultrasound and echo cardiogram. She was quite excited to learn about flavors.

I call her small tumor her "heart light" since the little glow on the ultrasound looks more auspicious than ominous.  The doctor said her heart is functioning fine so we just need to come back for another check-up in six months. Perhaps sans siblings.

Friday was a busy day.  We also got to make an appearance in Mary's class for her All About Me presentation.

So what about sanity? What about this crazy house of laughing and crying, and laundry everywhere, and kids wrestling in the laundry, and its always fun until someone gets kicked in the eye, and honey nut cheerios everywhere and William with his hand submerged in the peanut butter jar, and constant debates over who's turn it is to use the laptop? What about that? What kind of citizens will emerge from this existence anyway? I was thinking about that this morning, hoping that they would just be happy to come home for Thanksgiving in ten years from now. That has always been my goal.

So I have a two fold plan 1) That they always leave the house knowing that they are part of a big team who loves and supports them...even if they did have to dig their clean underwear out of a big pile in the living room that Ben called "cozy" anyway.
 And 2) That they do leave the house.  That's the best way I know to get them away from the Disney channel.

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Unknown said...

your wit, humor and love made my day!

happy to hear Sofie is doing well :)

have a great weekend!