Wednesday, September 8, 2010

sophie goes home

Saturday, September 4, a busy day for shoot and billirubin test, eating, nap...
Here's our lunch.
Then there was the trauma of putting on clothing for the first time.
Granddad came to pick us up around four o'clock.
I'm always emotional to leave the hospital with a new baby.  It's both the end and the beginning, especially this time.

When we pulled up to our house I could see Grant's blond head in the window.  Just a small group this time.  Our friend Isako was watching the two boys.  His wife Jackie took Mary and Caitlin swimming...
but they arrived home shortly and gave Sophie an enthusiastic welcome...
and introduction to life around here.

The other kids had spent the day fishing for crawdads with Grandpa Bob. They were happy and surprised to see Sophie home so soon.
It was too nice of an evening to go inside so we sat on the porch for a while.
Grant wanted to do a photo shoot with the mums.

In the evening Granddad brought Five Buck pizza and Judith sent over fruit salad and cake. It was nice to be home again.


Catherine Cazier said...

It is so fun to see the kids with her. When does Daddy get to come meet her? Since he is not in the branch now we havn't seen him around.

Megan Raines said...

Hi Catherine
Good question! I read that your parents are in town soon. It is so wonderful to have visitors! It makes it fun to explore the city.
Have a great time. I hope you have lots of those fall blue sky days together.