Sunday, September 19, 2010

overheard and overseen

Tuesday afternoon, driving to pick up Ben from after school musical practice I overheard Olivia having a little devotional with Sophie.  First they sang our family's default reverent song The Sacred Grove.  For years that's been our go-to when we need to get things quieted down at scripture time.  But in Olivia's version Joseph was kneeling not "upon that Holy ground..."  but rather "upon the Holy grail..." 

Next was the prayer.  Olivia helped Sophie say it..that's when I heard "Bless that the Holy Grail will be safe..."  Obviously there's been too much Monty Python in the home.

Tuesday evening another delicious meal appeared at our doorstep, this time from the Young Women's presidency.  Two big pans of chocolate brownies, hot fudge, and vanilla ice cream included.  So Wednesday morning I happened on William in the kitchen, helping himself to the leftovers.

And since I know how delicious gooey, chocolaty, brownies taste first thing in the morning, I didn't have the heart to take them away.

I asked, "How about a bowl William?"

And he said, "Bowl. Yummy."

Then when he was full he showed me his hands and said "All done. Wipe."

So William's learning how to navigate meaningful conversation.

I thought Sophie looked sophisticated in brown and floral so I wanted to take some pictures. Sophie hasn't really learned about posing.

It's all been a blur to me too. Sophie.
That's how I ended up with this enormous pile of laundry in the living room.

Thursday was a big day for Grant.  He had out-patient surgery, a giant Spitz nevus, or in other words, a mole removed from his leg.  He came home with his leg bandaged and was quite proud of it.  I was grateful that he didn't seem to be in pain at all, was quite cheerful and playful the rest of the afternoon, and didn't need any of the prescribed pain medicine. 

Friday we passed by the hospital and he told Caitlin,

"Dat's where I gotta broken leg."

I had been too involved with bed making Friday morning and made the big girls late for the bus.  Olivia said

"I hate my life."  She was worried that she had missed recess.

Mary looked at me with mischievous eyes and said excitedly,

"The later you are the less you have to learn."

I was grateful for those supportive words.

Friday Sam and I watched The Conversation in the afternoon and I finally got the laundry cleared out.  In the evening Sam and Ben went to the International Cinema with Jackie and Isako.  We are blessed with good friends here.

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