Tuesday, January 17, 2012

aroma touch

Day two it felt wonderful to wake up in Jennifer's beautiful home. I love waking up in a new place to experience its unique flora and fauna. I could smell the eucalyptus and hear the birds in the trees outside the large skylight above my head.

Jennifer drove me to the Irvine Marriott. I was attending an Aroma touch technique training taught by my good friend Gina who introduced me to doTerra essential oils. I was lucky to be the first recipient of the technique. I loved the healing and stimulating blend of oils combined with the therapeutic touch of massage. The smell was luxurious.

We spent the day practicing the technique, learning more about the oils, getting to know each of the participants. I was grateful to meet interesting new friends.

Saturday night I stayed with Gina in Irvine. She took me to Fashion Island in Newport Beach. My first time to try the Cheesecake Factory. After dinner we drove to see the LDS temple in Newport Beach. It is the busiest temple after the Provo,Utah temple. It was a blessing to spend that time with Gina.

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