Thursday, January 19, 2012

cucumber raita

Sunday afternoon I went to church with Amy. After the meeting we drove through cauliflower fields to the retirement home where Amy's grandma lives. Grandma Margie has a smile that radiates the wise spirit of her age. She will be ninety in August. I felt blessed to observe their Sunday visit ritual.

I prayed that my children would tend to my parents as lovingly as Amy cared for her. I listened to Grandma Margie tell stories of her married years: eloping in Las Vegas, losing her first husband unexpectedly, falling in love again, working as the postmaster in a small town in the San Bernadino mountains, and then she smiled and said, "so many happy memories," and I thought, what an admirable choice.

In the evening Amy's friend came over to make us an Indian feast. Delicious.
I was grateful that he was willing to share his time, culture,and fabulous cooking.

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Unknown said...

Megan- Our visit made me so happy!! It was wonderful to spend time together and catch up on all our old haughts and memories :)

Thanks for your kind words about Grandma Margie. I truly am so blessed! Thanks for helping me remember and also for the kick in the butt. . . . . and you know what I am talking about :-)