Tuesday, January 24, 2012

las Vegas

I landed in Las Vegas not entirely sure what I was doing there, kind of enjoying the fact that I had never walked off an airplane before with no where inparticular to go and no one expecting me. I took my time, wandered to the baggage claim and then sat down with the iPhone and started to sort through the hotels on Travelocity. I thought about something fancy that I wouldn't do with kids, but chose Circus Circus. It was cheaper and I thought it would make a good site visit in preparation for future trips west. I was happy to find that it was easy to get ground transportation from the airport to my hotel on the strip, just about twelve dollars round trip.

The hotel wasn't crowded. I checked in, then went to the buffet. The staff was so friendly, I returned for three more meals over the course of my stay. They started to feel like family. The pleasant atmosphere made up for the so-so food. The options were plentiful and I couldn't resist the kid friendly macaroni and cheese and corn dogs.

Thursday morning I redeemed my free buffet coupon at breakfast. While I was eating I got a call from my good friend and college roommate who I had hoped to visit in Las Vegas. She had the flu so we were unable to meet, but we got caught up on the phone and I was grateful for the chance to talk without interruption.

I stayed at the buffet for about two hours, talking and writing. When I left I wandered around the hotel, to preview the Circus Circus adventure dome. I sent pictures of the indoor roller coaster to Sam. He approved.

In the afternoon I set out to wander up the strip. At that point I remembered that Sam had told me that the Bodies exhibit was showing at the Luxor hotel. I walked pretty much the length of the strip, thoroughly enjoying the people watching as I went.

I got to the Luxor after about two hours of walking, just as it was getting dark. I was happy to find the Bodies exhibit still open, and happy I had encountered it on my own as the 35 dollar ticket would have been too much to pay had all the kids been with me.

As soon as I saw the first exhibit I knew that was the reason for my stop in Vegas. I stood peering up into the cavities at kidneys, diaphragm, spleen.
I felt like I had travelled to a different universe. We think so often about exploring things, places outside of ourselves, but to go inside sometimes can feel as foreign and fascinating.
The bodies exhibits are both scientific and artistic. The accompanying information was engaging, inspiring, and educational.

I left, sorry I had come to the end. I wandered back out onto the strip that was now a city of lights. Back at the hotel I went to up to the mall where I had seen a Beijing style foot massage
shop. Ordered the forty minute, got talked into the sixty minute. It was great to make new friends in Chinese again.

I ended the day back at the buffet. It just seemed like a returning place.
In the morning I was back on the shuttle and on my way home.

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Tara Nelson said...

I am so excited for you. What an adventure. The Bodies exhibit was here in PHX and of course now I am kicking myself for not making it. :(