Monday, January 30, 2012

denver airport

Thursday morning I left the hotel early. I was happy to find the perfect gift shop for the boys at the Las Vegas airport, Harley Davidson. Had plenty of time to browse before the plane left for Denver.

My lay over there was five hours, but it went quickly. The Denver airport is out in the high planes. I stepped outside and couldn't believe how it felt like Spring.

I stood outside for almost an hour writing, then went back through security, wandered around, took pictures of big planes going to fun places. Had Chinese food for late lunch, more writing, chatted with a cute six year old and her mom, then it was time to board.

I flew in to the Provo airport, the smallest one ever, greeted by Granddad. Went back to Granddad's and Judith's house. Talked about the trip and things for a couple of hours. Strange to be staying there without the kids, but nice to have a chance to talk.
I was grateful for my week of travel, and grateful to be home safely.

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