Sunday, January 22, 2012

hendry's beach

Monday afternoon we drove up Foothill road on our way to visit Amy's parents. I couldn't pass that way without thinking about Stacie, my voice teacher for many years. I felt blessed that we were able to catch her on a surprise visit. We sat for almost hour reminiscing about high school days.

Later we helped Amy's parents put away Christmas decorations. It was wonderful to see them again too. Then to lunch at the Santa Barbara pier.

We made it to Hendry's beach, my absolute favorite place, the place I think about to clear my thoughts, the place that I imagine when I'm trying to find my zen, just in time for sunset.

For dinner we drove to the Padaro Beach Grill on Santa Claus Lane in Carpenteria. We shared some delicious fried sweet potatoes and onion rings.

What an incredible day. I was grateful for Amy, my amazing tour guide.

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