Sunday, January 15, 2012

day one irvine

The second week in January was what I hoped would be my final push to recover from our China shipment. We were expecting Rob's arrival and aside from not wanting the house to be in disorder during his stay, I desperately wanted the unpacking China chapter closed. Thursday I was down to the wire, I stayed up the entire night. Me against the last remaining piles of unsorted laundry.

Friday morning grandma Martha came to stay with the children for the twenty- four hours before Rob arrived from Pakistan. Grandad drove me to the airport.

This is my arrival in Long Beach. My
step-sister Jennifer met me. I loved arriving in California in the winter, eighty degree weather, palm trees,t-shirts, tropical flowers.

Jennifer took me the Spectrum mall in Irvine where we had lunch at my new favorite:the Crepe Maker. Rachel and Axel met us there.

In the evening it was great to spend time with my niece Shannon. We all went to the Olive Garden. Found another new favorite: the eggplant parmeggiana.

I was grateful to be able to keep up with the kids during the day via iPhone, and grateful to spend a great time with Jennifer and the Brown family.

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Carolyn Watson-Dubisch said...

That funny! I just wrote about our visit to Long Beach on Sunday as well! Great photos!